(Open Source) on is also active in the Open Source Community and provides some tools and libraries on The main focus of the tools is on industrial printing and color management. The projects can be found on In the following are you can find a brief description about the projects:

PointCloudCrust Library

The PointCloudCrust is an implementation of the PointCloudCrust Algorithm (or in-officially called „The Cheese-Maker“) which builds a crust around a point cloud (triangulation of a point cloud). The input of the algorithm is a list of points located in a three dimensional space plus the radius of a ball and the output is a set of triangles which defines the „crust“. The Algorithm does not only create the outer crust but also visualize innersided holes, structures and even breakthroughs (like a cheese). A typcial practical use case of the Point Crust Algorithm is the visualization of color spaces:

Most 3D Mesh visualization engines also allow to colorize objects. In the following a screenshot of a color space illustrating the colors as well. The interactive model can be found here:

For more details about the project „PointCloudCrust“ please visit the project page on github:

Smart Color Strip

Make your color strips smart by extending it with metadata. Smart Color Strips are particularily in Industry 4.0 environments increasingly important in order to tag color measurment series automatically with metadata like the job id etc. Using a Smart Color Stip, the color measurement plus the metadata can be catched on one shot as the metadata is encoded using additinal color fields. In the following a sample of such an TVI 10 Smart Color Strip. The same concept can be used for all other color strips and targets as well:

For more details about the project „PointCloudCrust“ please visit the project page on github: