The story of ricebean.net

For more than five years, we have been your competent partner for software solutions and specialized in developing AddOns for Atlassian products. Our most successful AddOn so far is “Docs”, but we are constantly working on simplifying your daily work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or problems. Together we will find a solution.

Meet The Team

Dr. Stefan Meissner

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Rosina

Chief Executive Officer

Our Values

1. We are a team!

Alone for ourselves we may have great and valuable skills that we always value, but only in interaction with others it becomes something that makes us unique and successful.

2. Focus on time!

The most valuable asset is time. You can get money from the bank, but not time. We should optimize every activity for time.

3. We are ultramodern

To achieve our goals, we break new ground and are always open. Conservative corporate structures are not in our line of thinking.

4. Error culture in practice

Mistakes are allowed and take us further. If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t take risks. We are not reckless, but we want to develop further. This is not possible without taking risks and thus making mistakes. But repeating the mistakes is forbidden.