• Let´s join forces on LinkedIn
    We are excited to announce that is now officially on LinkedIn! As part of our commitment to engaging with customers and partners, we have decided to establish our presence on this professional platform. We’re eager to broaden our network and look forward to welcoming you to our LinkedIn community. Click here to follow us … Read more
  • Docs is and remains compatible for Data Center!
    There have been frequent requests for Data Center compatibility of our Docs AddOn. Yes, we will ensure compatibility and are currently working on the requirements. Unfortunately, this will take until the next year (2023). The good news, however, is that even without official certification, our AddOn works without any problems in the Data Center. You … Read more
  • Need a key for your secrets?
    The last post was about our Secure Content AddOn. This AddOn offers besides the secure storage of information on your Confluence page also an integrated password generator. Actually it is more of a secret generator, because it is not only possible to create secure passwords according to predefined criteria, but also SSH keys and identifiers. … Read more
  • Now it’s even better!
    We haven’t slept and have been busy making the SecureContent AddOn for Confluence even better for you.This AddOn enables you to securely manage your sensitive data within your team on Confluence Cloud. We admit that it looked a bit dusty, but now it looks fantastic! We’ve also further increased security and added a few new … Read more
  • Finally, it’s here!
    I was totally annoyed that Atlassian didn’t manage to create a way to manage files in Confluence in a reasonable way.Now finally there is a solution – Files. With this new AddOn it is possible to embed a kind of Windows Explorer or Finder into a Confluence page. You can create folders, move files via … Read more
  • How did that come up with
    Stefan founded the company five years ago. The classic: he had a problem that bothered him so much that he found a solution for it. Docs was born. By offering it in the Atlassian Marketplace, everyone could benefit from it. Well, ok – money certainly played a role as well. Some time later Stefan met … Read more
  • Did you know that was involved in a book? was deeply involved in the development of the next generation Job Definition Format (JDF), known as the Exchange Job Definition Format (XJDF). The development of the new data format has taken nearly ten years, and we have been a part of it since the early beginnings, back in 2008. As XJDF is a complete … Read more
  • Hello world!
    This is our blog. From time to time we will post some interesting things here. It’s worth checking in every now and then.

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