ricebean.net was deeply involved in the development of the next generation Job Definition Format (JDF), known as the Exchange Job Definition Format (XJDF). The development of the new data format has taken nearly ten years, and we have been a part of it since the early beginnings, back in 2008.

As XJDF is a complete overhaul of JDF, we had to discuss each and every aspect of the former JDF Specification. As a result, we were able to gain deep insight into the concepts, the architecture, and backgrounds of both technologies. In addition to the theoretical development of the data format, ricebean.net also implemented multiple highly productive XJDF integrations. Our knowledge and our experience makes us one of the world’s leading experts in print automation.

ricebean.net also published a book on XJDF in 2017, titled XJDF – Exchange Job Definition Format. The goal of this book is to address the essentials of XJDF and elevate the reader to a competent level on which he or she is able to work with the official XJDF Specification. The book is essentially a summary and explanation of the fundamental concepts and ideas behind XJDF.

Check it out: XJDF

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